Thank you. If you are visiting the BLUE Team webpage, you have probably already helped us in our research. This site contains more information about what we are doing, and why – in layman’s terms. For health professionals wanting to learn the skills of basic lung ultrasound, please follow the link to our teaching resources on Facebook or ICN.http://intensivecarenetwork.com/lung-ultrasound/

For doctors who are part of our scanning team, updates and information about the trial is available on our facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/BrisbaneLungUltrasound?ref=hl

‘BLUE’ stands for Brisbane Lung Ultrasound Evaluation, and is a partnership between the emergency departments of Ipswich, Princess Alexandra, Royal Brisbane and Womens, and the Prince Charles Hospitals. We think that lung ultrasound (LUS) may provide better, safer information about the health of your lungs, particularly for smaller hospitals where it is hard to get a chest xray. However, we want to know for sure before we start teaching this skill to all health professionals.

EMF (Emergency Medicine Foundation) https://www.facebook.com/emfresearch has provided a generous grant, but for most of us, this is a labour of love. And we are very grateful to all those who have volunteered to be part of the trial, without you there would be no research, and no progress.



3 Responses to About

  1. sayed ahmed says:

    Very nice, good luck
    Please send me any new videos
    Dr. Sayed Ahmed
    MRCP (UK)
    A&E Kuwait

  2. Wierzej says:

    Hi, could you tell me how popular is ultrasound in ED and ICU in Australia? What is the typical reason to use US? Is US point of care popular technique in daily practice? We try to develop US approach in critical care patient in Poland. Please visit our brand new Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILJBNO0J3uc&list=UUIPj525hhDcw9TyonqDzMcw.
    It will be great to exchange experience to each other.

    • Hi Wierzej,
      Nice to hear from you. Point of care ultrasound(POCUS) is slow to start in Australia because we have excellent sonographers (radiography technicians). Many doctors talk about POCUS but not so many practice and fewer achieve formal credentialing as yet. It is well established only for procedure guidance, such as central lines and is increasing rapidly for nerve blocks and drainage of effusions, but there are few ‘generalists’ yet. I use POCUS many times each day in the ED but there are only a few like me in Queensland. It is gaining more followers in rural and remote settings where there is no alternative.
      Hope this helps,

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