Bringing medicine back to the bedside

Lung Ultrasound ensures that the doctor, nurse, or paramedic touches and talks to the patient at the bedside. In contrast, many modern investigations are performed elsewhere, and interpreted by someone else. This form of remote control medicine is prone to misunderstanding because the person interpreting the test rarely has all the information about the patient. Likewise, the clinician who knows the patient rarely has all the information about the complex test. In bringing the clinician back to the bedside, performing and interpreting his own tests, we hope that patient care will improve.



About ipswichultrasound

Aging Emergency Physician, enjoying second childhood playing with soundwaves. Lead investigator in BLUE Team LUS+2014 multicentre study into the usefulness of lung ultrasound to diagnose heart failure. Underlying motivation is the chance to teach good scanning habits to anyone who wants to learn.
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